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Mountain Bike Size Chart: Calculate the correct frame size

trekking bike size chart 1120x400 1

You want to buy a new mountain bike but don’t know the right frame size? You can find the right frame height in two easy steps. First you have to determine your individual inseam, which leads to the correct frame height as the basis. Find out more below.

Calculate the size of your mountain bike

Step 1: Determine your inseam

  • Take a tape measure or a ruler and a book.
  • Take off your shoes and pants (the pants can affect the measurement)
  • Stand barefoot with your back against a door or wall.
  • Hold the book between your legs and bring it up. The vertical side of the book must be against the wall.
  • Now measure with the measuring tape or ruler from the floor to the top of the book to determine your stride length (crotch height).
If you want to calculate your mountain bike size based on your height, please find a table further below.

Step 2: Calculate the mountain bike size

Take your inseam results from step 1 and multiply it with 0.66.

For example, if your inseam is 80cm and your multiply it with 0.66 (80*0.66),  you will get 52.8cm as a recommended mountain bike size based on your inseam.

Get the correct mountain bike size based on your height

You don’t have a ruler on hand to measure your inseam? Use this table and take your height as a guide.

Body Height (cm)Mountain Bike Size (cm)Mountain Bike Size (inch)
above 195above 56above 22″

These size recommendations are guidelines. The relationship between leg length and upper body can vary greatly from person to person.