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Enviolo NuVinci Hub Gear

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Behind Shimano, Campagnolo and Co., it still has a existence and is only known to die-hard cyclists: the Enviolo NuVinci hub gear. Surprising, this hub offers the only infinite number of gears with stepless shifting. Here we explain what the innovative rear derailleur can do, how it works and what differentiates the individual models.

What is the Enviolo NuVinci hub gear?

The Enviolo NuVinci is a stepless hub gear for bicycles that can show its strength in the popular and rapidly growing e-bike segment. In contrast to conventional hub gears, there are no predefined gear ratios or fixed gears, On a NuVinci, you can choose your ideal gear completely freely and sensitively or even let the electronics control it fully automatically.

Who should use the Enviolo NuVinci?

It is perfect for cyclists who want maximum reliability with practically no maintenance. Due to the solid and encapsulated construction, you can fully concentrate on cycling, your Enviolo NuVinci hub gear works unobtrusively under all conditions. The best thing is: Riding in the “wrong gear” is no longer available. Here, maximum user-friendliness meets long-lasting technology.

How is the Enviolo NuVinci operated?

Operation of the Enviolo NuVinci is easy: depending on the model, it ranges from manual control using the rotary handle on the N330, N360 and N380, to the freely selectable presetting on the N380 Harmony, to fully automatic N380 H Sync.

Common to all Enviolo NuVinci hub gears is the wear-free construction, the reliable function of which lasts well beyond an entire bike life. The mechanical structure of an Enviolo NuVinci is less suitable for conventional bicycles due to higher frictional resistance, but this disadvantage no longer plays a role, especially in the e-bike sector. The motor eliminates this disadvantage of the NuVinci, so that only advantages remain for you as the rider.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Enviolo NuVinci

For all e-bike riders, an Enviolo NuVinci gear hub takes cycling to the next level and offers a completely new and modern way of shifting. The combination of electric motor, toothed belt drive and Enviolo NuVinci hub gear actually fulfills the wish for a maintenance-free bicycle ride. The bottom line is that the advantages of NuVinci clearly outweigh the disadvantages, for a better comparison here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages:

smooth, smooth shifting without noiseheavier than other gears
no fixed ratios, gears freely selectableincreased friction results in a minimal loss of power compared to derailleur gears
full use of engine power possiblemore expensive to buy than conventional circuits
Shifting possible under load and when stationary
very easy to operate using the twist grip
huge gear ratio up to 380%
fully encapsulated and wear-free construction
no follow-up costs due to lack of maintenance
fully automatic shifting possible (N380 Harmony / N380 H-Sync)

Enviolo NuVinci Modells

Manual Enviolo NuVinci (N330 / N360 / N380)

These models have a twist grip on the right side of the handlebar, as you know it from other hub gears. The transmission ratio can be set easily and infinitely by turning the handle. The range of translation ranges from 330% for the N330, over 360% for the N360 (this corresponds to a 10-speed derailleur), and up to 380% for the N380, which has been available since 2016.

Automatic Enviolo NuVinci N380 Harmony

With the N380 Harmony you also have a rotary handle on the right side of the handlebar, with which you can set your desired cadence. If you have done this after a few meters, you can safely forget the twist grip, the rest is regulated by the N380 Harmony. With a changed route profile and varying engine power, the N380 Harmony guarantees that you always maintain the same cadence. Completely automatically and without any further action from you. The big advantage here is that the automatic control of the hub gear means that the battery power lasts much longer and the drive is mechanically protected for a long service life of the sprocket and chain.

Fully-Automatic Enviolo NuVinci N380 H-Sync

With the fully automatic N380 H-Sync you enter your desired cadence from 55 to 80 rpm with a control on the left side of the handlebar – done. The control electronics of the Bosch motor take care of the rest. You always ride in your comfortable cadence and you don’t have to worry about gear changes anymore. If you should feel like shifting manually, you can also operate the N380 H-Sync at the push of a button, in this case there are 9 fixed translations available.

Pinion, Rohloff, Enviolo NuVinci and Alfine in comparison

With Pinion, Rohloff, Enviolo NuVinci and Alfine there are different gear shifts for the bicycle. You can read about how the individual manufacturers compare in the following comparison.

 PinionRohloffEnviolo NuVinciAlfine
Gear Ratio636%526%380%307 – 409%
Gears1814Stepless gears8 or 11
Guarantee5 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Weight1.8 – 2.7 kg1.7 kg2.45 kg1.7 kg
UpgradeabilityRequires special frameCan be used with almost any frame due to individual configurationCompatible with 135x10mmFits in any frame with a rear triangle with the dimensions 10x135mm. This is almost every trekking or city bike frame
Use in e-bikesWorks with hub motors. Automatic shifting is not possible. The transmission also does not communicate with the electronics of the engine / display.Works with mid motors. The hub gear is intelligently integrated in combination with Bosch motors. Recommended gear shifts are displayed, in standstill the gear is automatically shifts to an easy gear to start offWorks with mid-drive motors. You can set the preferred cadence, which is then always kept constant by automatic shifting processes.Works with mid motors. In connection with the Shimano Steps motor you can also switch automatically.
MaintenanceAlmost maintenance-free. An oil change is recommended only every 10,000 km or once a year.Almost maintenance-free. An oil change is recommended only every 5,000 km or once a year.Maintenance freeMaintenance-free, sometimes shifting cables have to be adjusted on the mechanical version
HandleRotary handleStanding, rollingRotary handle“Rapid Fire” thumb shifter, in the electronic version shift button on the handlebar
ShiftingStanding or rolling and under partial load. In faster gears under full load.While standing, rolling and under partial load.While standing, rolling and under loadWhile standing, rolling and under load
EfficiencySince there are only two gear stages, a Pinion transmission is more efficient than a derailleur. The efficiency is somewhat below a RohloffOffers the highest efficiency of all hub gearsThe increased friction results in a slight loss of performance compared to derailleur gearsSlightly less than Rohloff Speedhub
Costsstarting from $700starting from $1000starting from $350starting from $150