best bike pumps

The Best Bike Pumps

The Best Bike Pumps | Review Every cyclist should have a bike pump, because only fully inflated tires ensure a safe ride. The driver puts pressure on the tires with his weight, so some air will always escapes when riding. The tires therefore need regular air replenishment, which you can quickly do with a bike …

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trekking bike tires

Trekking Bike Tires | Recommendations

Trekking Bike Tires | Recommendations​ Those who ride a trekking bike often have high demands on their tires. On an extended tour with luggage and on changing surfaces, you primarily expect high puncture protection, good driving comfort and safe grip on all surfaces. Fortunately, these diverse requirements can be combined in one tire nowadays and …

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road bike tires

Road Bike Tires | Recommendations

Road Bike Tires | Recommendations​ It makes contact with the ground, is the number one wear part and has to meet many different requirements at the same time: the road bike tire. In addition to a desirable puncture protection, the tire should roll easily, have good damping properties, offer reliable grip and of course not …

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