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Bike Size Chart: Choose the right bicycle for you

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You want to buy a new bike but don’t know the right frame size? No problem. You can find the right frame height in two easy steps. First you have to determine your individual inseam. Depending on the type of bike to be selected, it leads to the correct size of your bike.

You select your bike type and determine your inseam. Find out the the appropriate frame size in inches or centimeters from the table based on your height.

Special feature: The frame size does not matter for children’s bicycles as the focus is on the wheel size in inches. Based on your height, you can quickly determine the correct wheel size in inches.

Step 1: Determine your inseam

  • Take a tape measure or a ruler and a book.
  • Take off your shoes and pants (the pants can affect the measurement result).
  • Stand barefoot with your back against a door or wall.
  • Hold the book between your legs and bring it up. The vertical side of the book must be against the wall.
  • Now measure with the measuring tape or ruler from the floor to the top of the book to determine your inseam (crotch height).

Step 2: Select your bike type & calculate the bike size

Trekking Bike

Cyclocross Bike

Full-Suspension MTB

Determine the correct bike size

You want to buy a new bike and take over the frame size from your old bike? However, the frame size is not on the frame? Or do you want to determine the correct frame size based on your inseam? We show you how you can measure the frame height in the center-to-top and in the center-to-center method. You will also learn how you can measure your individual frame size by measuring the inseam.

How do you measure the frame size of a bike?

How can you actually measure the frame size of your bike? Most of the time it’s not on the frame. The frame height is especially useful when buying a new bike if you want to take over the size of your old bike. 

To measure the frame size of your bike, you only need: a folding rule and of course your bike. You measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the upper edge of the seat tube. This is the usual center-to-top method used by most manufacturers; however, there are also manufacturers like Ridley who use the center-to-center method. You simply measure from the middle of the bottom bracket to the intersection of top tube and seat tube. You can easily check the bike size with these methods. If you want it in inches, divide it by 2.54.

How do you measure the inseam?

If you want to see if the frame size fits your leg length, you have to measure the inseam.

To do this, you need a spirit level for the folding rule or a book. You only have to take off your shoes and your pants to measure for a more precise result. You stand on the wall, take the book, put it on the wall and pull it up in the crotch. Then you measure from the bottom to the top of the book. The result is your inseam.

What if my result is between two sizes?

What if my result is between two sizes? If the calculated result is between two sizes, we have the following advice for you. If you are more sporty, you can choose the smaller frame. It is more stable and flexible. If you are on longer tours and comfort is important to you, then choose the larger frame. If in doubt, always ask the local bike dealer for more accurate recommendations.