Bicycle Buying Guide

Cycling is becoming more diverse and more opaque with regard to the different types of bicycles. Here we give you an overview of the common types of bicycles and help you to decide which bicycle you should get with a reliable size recommendation. You will also find many other guides on how to make adjustments and repairs on your bike yourself.

All types of bikes

City bike

City bikes are built for everyday use in the city. An upright sitting position enables an optimized overview and more safety than road users. Low-maintenance attachments such as a spring-loaded seat post, a suspension fork or a slightly wider saddle ensure comfort on your tours.

Dutch bike

 Dutch bikes are comfortable city bikes. Dutch bikes for women usually have the shape of a Dutch bow (straight down tube in combination with a curved top tube). Dutch bikes for men have the classic “diamond shape”.

Trekking bike

In addition to everyday use, trekking bikes are also suitable for sporty tours off paved paths, for example gravel roads and dirt roads in nature. Optimized comfort on longer tours enables high-quality attachments such as a suspension fork, spring support or adjustable stem.

Road bike

Conceived as a pure sports device, minimalist equipment and optimization for the lowest possible weight is characteristic of road bikes. In order to achieve optimal aerodynamics, functional attachments such as mudguards, luggage racks or lighting are generally not used. The focus is on speed.

Fitness bike

Fitness bikes are very similar to the basic structure of road bikes, however, in contrast to road bikes, a classic curved road bike handlebar is not used. A lightweight aluminum frame, narrow tires with little rolling resistance and a sporty saddle are characteristic of fitness bikes.

Cyclocross bike

Cyclocross bikes are off-road speed alternatives to mountain bikes that combine both sports equipment and sporty everyday bikes. Visually close to the design of racing bikes, cyclocross bikes have a shorter top tube, a longer head tube, a higher bottom bracket and wider, more grippy tires than classic racing bikes.

Single-speed / Fixie bike

Singlespeed bikes stand out in particular because they only have a single gear, i.e. they are equipped without a gearshift. In contrast to the common single-speed bicycles, the special type “Fixie” is equipped with a rigid hub. The crank always rotates while driving as long as the wheels are in motion. Ordinary single-speed bicycles have a so-called “freewheel” installed.

Mountain bike

Mountain bikes, for example hardtails, fullys, Twentyniners, are particularly impressive due to their high off-road capability (uphill and downhill runs). Special mountain bike variants have prevailed for various off-road applications or disciplines, for example “downhill”, “cross-country” or “all-mountain”.

Urban bike

Urban bikes are basically stylish city bikes and are usually characterized by a minimalist, puristic design. Unnecessary attachments such as a luggage rack, chain guard or mudguards are usually avoided.


E-bikes are electric bikes, in which the supporting electric motor is only switched on while pedaling and up to a maximum support of 25 km / h.

Cross bikes

Cross bikes are a mix of road and mountain bikes that are very agile and smooth and are usually equipped with narrow 28-inch tires, a straight handlebar and a rigid fork. Classic cross bikes are used for sporty tours on easy terrain.

Folding bike

Folding bikes are ideal for commuting trips, for example for the daily commute to work. When folded, folding bikes take up very little space, for example in the compartment of a train, in the trunk of a car or in the corner of an office. Thanks to special couplings, hinges and quick-release devices, folding bikes can be folded up and unfolded comfortably and quickly in a confined space.

Find the right bike

Many bikes can be suitable for you. There are a few small details to consider when buying a new bike: you need to know what you want. If you are looking for a bike for the terrain because you would also like to move away from the paved paths, then a mountain bike could be the right bike. These bikes consist of a stable frame and sturdy wheels with non-slip studded tires. If you are not so off-road, a cross bike could also be an option. These bikes are real all-rounders that are suitable for sporty tours on the road as well as for unpaved paths. But if you only want to move around in the city, then opt for a city bike or a trekking bike, maybe even for a modern electric bike or e-bike. You know which bicycle to buy? Use our buying advisor and let us advise you.

City bike, urban bike, touring bike or a sporty mountain bike? With the variety of bicycles and their special features, you can quickly lose track of things. So that this doesn’t happen to you and you make the right decision, we have listed all the bike types for you and highlighted their most important features.

Hardly any other sport offers as much variety, challenge and fun as cycling. However, there are still a few things to be clarified before you can start cycling on your home trails. Which bike is right for you, which equipment do you need [..]

Too big, too small, somehow uncomfortable and then too black. Yes, choosing the right mountain bike can quickly become as difficult as finding the right handbag for the dress. Despite all the superficialities, it depends less on the appearance of the bike at the end of the day than on the geometry.

Whether you are looking for a balance to hectic everyday life or just want to do some sport, we can only congratulate you on your wish to ride a road bike!

You want to buy a new bike but don’t know the right frame size? No problem. You can find the right frame height in two easy steps. First you have to determine your individual stride length. Depending on the type of bike to be selected, it leads to the correct size of your bike.

Cycling is the most beautiful thing in the world: it is fun, makes you independent of traffic and train timetables, keeps you fit – and is also cheap! Fortunately, cycling is not a question of price as you can get safe, modern and chic bikes in every bike category with a reasonable budget.

Riding a Bicycle - The Health Aspect

Why should you ride a bike? There are many good reasons. For example, it is fun and healthy. If you regularly climb into the saddle and pedal, you not only build muscle and fat, but also strengthen the heart pump function. Heart and circulation are continuously challenged when cycling, the metabolism is stimulated. There is also another plus: cycling is easy on the joints and therefore also ideal for people with joint problems.

Your sitting position on the bike is crucial for your well-being while riding and as individual as you are. Setting the right sitting position for you is a complex issue because it is influenced by many factors. Read here how you can create a harmonious unit with your bike in the future.

Whether neck, back, butt, thighs, knees or hands, there is hardly any area that can not hurt when cycling. This is due to the type of exposure of those areas in cycling, which is particularly challenging. However, this uncomfortable pain is usually not […]

Understand your Bicycle

Anyone who regularly rides by bike should make sure to understand how to fix a bicycle on its own. 

Start saving money & time by fixing the bicycle on your own. Learn common repairs such as fixing a puncture or replacing an old chain.

The various materials used in frame construction are characterized by specific properties. As a result, they are particularly well suited for certain purposes and less well for others. We have compiled what you need to know about the four most common materials.

Lighting is essential for cyclists, especially in traffic, and often a lifesaver. Especially in the dark season, drivers are otherwise quickly overlooked or surprised by sudden obstacles. But which lighting suits you and your requirements?

The wheel and rim types are available in many different combinations, which leads to a confusing amount of different components. Not every wheel is compatible with every rim. Basically, you have to ask yourself whether you want to ride your bike with or without a tube.

Hardly any other bike part is available in more sizes, widths and designs than the wheel. On the positive side, every cyclist will find exactly the wheel size that fits their individual riding style perfectly, but on the negative side, this variety leads to some confusion. hether you need a 12 inch or a 29 inch […]

One of the undisputed most important components on the bicycle is the brake. Without these, of course, safe riding is not possible in traffic or in nature. It is therefore all the more important that everything fits here. After all, there are not only different […]

When it comes to shifting gears on bicycles, the number of gears has long been the most observed criterion. The more gears, the better the bike – that is the long-outdated opinion from most people. Nowadays we know: The “right” cycling gear […]

Not that the selection of bicycles is big enough – many bikes also have different ratios. But what exactly does “gear ratio” actually mean? Which ratio is right for my bike, the corresponding wheel size and personal fitness? And which ratio do I need?

There are only three forms of valves that are common under the different names. They are typical for certain types of bikes. In the following we present the different variants with their advantages and disadvantages and explain how to deal with them.

The belt drive on the bicycle is a relatively new alternative to the classic chain drive. The belt drive has been around for about ten years, but this drive has only gained popularity in the past two years. Instead of a chain in combination with […]

Other aspects of cycling

As soon as the motor skills are mature and the child develops the desire to practice, nothing stands in the way of the first few meters on the bike. 

The bike is a great means of transportation: It is environmentally friendly, offers you mobility, keeps you fit and is also a lot of fun. But every now and then it has to be transported. A new landscape appeals to you, a beautiful excursion destination should […]

Experience an adventure on a bike, explore new paths, enjoy nature and spend the night in a tent – these are the essential components of bikepacking. We will explain what you have to pay attention to when bikepacking!

More and more people are switching to bicycles to get to work. What is completely normal in other countries, such as in the Netherlands, is becoming increasingly popular. There are various methods of cycling to work. Many use their bikes in combination with […]

The right equipment is part of a relaxing holiday on a bike. In the run-up to the holiday, you should deal intensively with the topic six to eight weeks before the start of the trip in order to be able to fill any gaps in a relaxed manner.

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