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What kind of bike should I get?

woman sitting next to a dirt road with her bicycle.

There is a wide range of different types of bicycles. To find the right bike, you should first be clear about what you want to use it for. Are you looking for a city bike? Or are you looking for a bike that you want to use for sporting ambitions? Do you want to travel on short or long distances? And then of course there is the question of the surface: do you like to drive on asphalt or do you prefer forest trails and flowing single trails? Here we give you a decision-making aid for your bike purchase.

What is the best bike for me?

The different types of bikes

a product picture of a trekking bike.

Trekking Bike

The all-rounder par excellence: If you are looking for a bike for city, bike paths, easy terrain and longer bike tours / trips, you get a reliable and comfortable base with a trekking bike. Most trekking bikes are equipped with a luggage rack so that you can attach travel bags to them.

a product picture of a city bike.

City Bike

If you are looking for a comfortable bike that is geared towards getting around town and on paved bike paths, consider buying a city bike. Here you get a comfortable seating position and reliable components. The city bike is a great all- rounder.

a product picture of a cyclo bike.

Cyclocross Bike

If you want to take tours through easy terrain and into the mountains, but also want to achieve high speeds on asphalt, then you should consider buying a cyclocross bike. It is a variant of the trekking bike. However, to ensure the sporty driving characteristics, there is no luggage rack, stand, lighting system and mudguards. This makes the bike much lighter and more agile. However, you can retrofit the bike with the appropriate accessories for everyday traffic-safe rides.

If you mainly ride off the beaten track and mainly downhill, then the fully suspension bike is the right bike for you. The full suspension bike gives you more comfort when it comes to single trails and larger obstacles. You also benefit from better driving dynamics through longer ground contact of the rear wheel. However, if you want to benefit from the full advantages of a full-suspension mountain bike, you should have a great riding technique. Compared to the hardtail, the fully has higher maintenance effort and is more expensive.

Would you like to drive off the road on wide field and forest paths or on moderate single trails without major obstacles or bumps? Then you are well advised with a hardtail. In the MTB area, the hardtail is the perfect entry-level bike because it is very low-maintenance and inexpensive. Thanks to the low weight, hardtails are also suitable for day trips. On uneven terrain, you should have a mature riding skill. With such a bike you choose the most original form of biking.

When designing this type of bike, everything is optimized for speed. So if you like to travel fast and also want to cover long distances, then a racing bike is the right bike for you. Such an asphalt racer is therefore the perfect sports equipment for road bike races and bike marathons.

Bike Comparison

You have now got to know the special properties and areas of application of the various bikes. If you still haven’t been able to make a decision, we would like to give you further help in making a decision and compare two related bicycles with their advantages and disadvantages.

Mountain Bike or Cyclocross Bike?

With this table we would like to show you the main advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Type of BikeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Mountain BikeπŸ‘ suitable for difficult terrain
πŸ‘ good suspension systems
πŸ‘ good braking systems
πŸ‘Ž rather unsuitable for longer, comfortable tours
πŸ‘Ž higher rolling resistance
Cyclo BikeπŸ‘ All-rounder
πŸ‘ suitable for longer tours
πŸ‘ low rolling resistance
πŸ‘Ž not suitable for difficult terrain
πŸ‘Ž lack of suspension
πŸ‘Ž weaker braking systems

If you travel a lot in the forest and on unpaved terrain, you can’t go wrong with a mountain bike. Read our mountain bike beginner guide for more information. Wide tires and good suspension and braking systems ensure safe driving fun even in difficult conditions. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an all-rounder that offers you sporty driving comfort on short and long distances, then you have come to the right place with the cyclocross bike. When buying a cyclocrossΒ bike, you should also make sure that it meets your personal needs perfectly: cyclocrossΒ bikes with wider tires and a mountain bike suspension allow you e.g. use of the bike in (easy) terrain.

Mountain Bike or Trekking Bike?

With this table we would like to show you the main advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes and trekking bikes.

Type of BikeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Mountain BikeπŸ‘ Bike for the terrain
πŸ‘ light weight (approx. 11-14 kg)
πŸ‘ greater riding pleasure
πŸ‘ higher speeds possible
πŸ‘ more visually appealing
πŸ‘Ž bent sitting position
πŸ‘Ž no room for baggage
πŸ‘Ž higher care & maintenance effort
Trekking BikeπŸ‘ Bike for everyday life
πŸ‘ upright sitting position
πŸ‘ comfortable cycling
πŸ‘ perfect for baggage
πŸ‘ less care and maintenance
πŸ‘Ž medium to high weight (approx. 16-19 kg)
πŸ‘Ž moderate to medium speeds possible
πŸ‘Ž less visually appealing

Both types of bikes have specific advantages and disadvantages. While the trekking bike is an all-rounder even for longer distances, the mountain bike is suitable for fast off-road tours where fun is paramount. When making a purchase, the intended use, comfort and appearance should always be considered in the decision.

Road Bike or Cyclocross Bike?

With this table we would like to show you the main advantages and disadvantages of road bikes and cyclocross bikes. Read our road bike beginner guide for more information.

Type of BikeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Road BikeπŸ‘ lower weight due to lighter design
πŸ‘ higher speeds possible
πŸ‘Ž Use only on paved roads
πŸ‘Ž poorer driving characteristics in wet or slippery conditions
πŸ‘Ž Parts such as fenders usually more difficult to install
Cyclo BikeπŸ‘ more universal use (also in the field)
πŸ‘ in wet or slippery conditions with better driving characteristics
πŸ‘ Parts like fenders usually easier to install
πŸ‘Ž higher weight due to more robust construction
πŸ‘Ž lower speed

If you are looking for an ultralight bike that can reach the highest speeds and can be used in bike races, the road bike should be the right decision. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bike that allows you to move forward quickly despite a somewhat more robust construction and that is also somewhat more suitable for everyday use due to its all-round qualities, a cyclocross bike could be ideal for you.